Camera+ {First Photography App}

If you have been wanting to take better photos with your iphone, and would like to do some quick and simple editing on your device, then Camera+ is the iphone app for you.  I must confess, I have over 50 photography apps {did I just say that our loud?!}, but Camera+ was my first and still the one I use consistently with every photo.  I tend to layer my photography apps, much like a artist will layer their paint on canvas.  It is not unusual for me to use 3-5 different apps for one photo.

Camera+ is also the app that I always recommend to friends.  There are several reasons why, but basically because it is simple & easy to use with a solid result.   After you download the {.99} app,  follow these 5 easy steps.

Camera+ App

Step 1:  Take a photo   This photo was taken while I was at a stop light.  You can even see the blue  at the top which is because I shot it through my windshield.  {Don’t worry, I was stopped and waiting for a train}.

Original photo





It doesn’t have to be a perfect photo, because as you will see, camera+ will take care of the rest for you.






Step 2:  Clarify Your Photo  The first thing I do in Camera+ is click on the {Scenes} tab and touch {Clarity} button.  You will instantly see the image becomes a bit more crisp.

Step 2: Clarify






If you take a look at the photo to the right, the clouds have more definition to them.





Step 3:  Add some EFFECTS  Here we are going to then go to the {Effects} tab and add some color to your photo.    You will have 3 awesome choices {Color, Retro, and Special}.  The images below will show you my photo in each of these choices.  Take a peek!

Color Effects




As you can see here with {Color}, you have a multitude of choices.  Some of my personal faves are Vibrant and Magic Hour.  This is where you can be creative and tailor it to your individual image.





Retro Effects





If you don’t see what you like in {Color}, you can move on to the {Retro} tab and see those choices.






Special Effects






Your last {Effects} choice is the {Special} filters.  I find myself using the HDR and Cross Process choices the most.





Step 4:  Cropping your Image  This next step is cropping your photo to your desired specification.

Cropping to Square





I prefer cropping to {square}, but you can choose to freeform your crop or specify a ratio. 

Tip:  For instagram users, cropping to square also prepares your photo to be ready to post.




Step 5: Viewing your Image  The final step is viewing your photo and saving it you your camera roll.  Below, I will show you the final photograph with the following effects {Clarity, Vibrant,  & Square Crop}.

Final Camera+ Photograph

You will notice some subtle differences from the original to the final photograph.  The fun thing about camera+ is that the edits can range from being very simple to quite dramatic.  Take some time to explore all your options on this fun and easy to use photography app.  Like I mentioned earlier, it is a fabulous app for beginners as well as the more advanced photographer.  Have fun and start shooting!!




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