Five Fabulous iPhone Finds {MORE}


When is enough, enough? The product lists for the iPhone are endless and oh so much fun! Take a peek and see what you might need, or possibly just WANT because of the cool factor. I personally own 2 of the items on this list. What items do you have? Which items do you want?
1. The iPhone4 SLR Mount
This can be found at the Photojojo Store for your Canon or Nikon lens for a mere $249.00. This case-adapter combo lets you transform your iPhone by using the SLR lenses you already own.


2. The Keyboard Buddy iPhone4s Case
A slide in and out keyboard/case for your iPhone on the Boxwave website will run you $79.95


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3. Philips DC390 Dual Dock Clock Radio with Remote
You can find this bedside buddy on the Apple store for $149.00. Charge 2 devices at once while sleeping and play your devices while awake.


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4. The GorillaMobile for iPhone 4s
Available on for $39.95, the GorillaMobile allows you to bend and rotate 360 degrees to position your iPhone on any surface for superb stability. Also available in other models and colors.


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5. Ollo Clip 3-in-1 Lens System for iPhone
A lens system that give you a Macro lens, Fish-eye lens, and a Wide Angle lens…..and fits in your pocket for $69.99 on


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