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I love sending postcards when we are on vacation, or even from my hometown. But honestly, sometimes I am not thrilled about the postcard selection. That’s when I found the app, Postagram by Sincerely Inc. This is a fabulous and free app for iPhone and Android users. What could be better than snapping and sending your own personal photographs to friends and family!?
My IG friend, Sarah Sandsy @mrssandsy has a great hashtag on Instagram. She started sending postcards to her Instagram friends, and we started sending them back. As a postcard was received across the globe, a photo was taken an posted to #IGpostcards. Right now, there are just over 200 postcard pix in the tag. You will see postcards from Malaysia, Italy, Australia, and all over the United States. I love this tag because it is a great way to connect with the friends you have made on Instagram. For the first postcard I sent to Sarah, I went out in town searching for a great postcard that showed what Norfolk, Virginia was all about. I eventually found one I liked, but the dreaded search made me think about turning my own photos into postcards.

My Chat With Sarah

Q1: What made you want to start your IG postcards hashtag?

Sarah: I started the #igpostcrads hashtag just to show everyone’s postcards collectively! My IG friend @gromitmagick (Rhea) was responsible for the idea of sending each other postcards and her idea was about to really take off so I thought it would be a great to begin the hashtag for her as a thank you for her great idea! As a teacher, I love the idea of actually writing to each other rather than everything being virtual and that was Rhea’s main aim!

Q2: How many postcards have you received/sent so far?

Sarah: I have sent out 24 postcards so far, not everybody has posted a picture of them once they have arrived though! I have received 16 and they are all around the big mirror in my dining room!

Q3: Would you be inclined to use an app like Postagram to send your own personalized postcards from Seaford?

Sarah: I would definitely be interested in using an app like this to send my own postcards because Seaford is only a small town its choice of postcards is very limited!!

Sending a Postagram

This is where the app Postagram comes into the scene. With this app, you can literally take a photo from your camera roll, upload it, write a little message, and they will ship it anywhere in the world. I was super excited about this! Not only could I send cool postcards to Sarah (in the UK), but I could also send pix of my boys doing their fun activities to their cousins and grandparents across the United States. If you start sending and receiving your own postcards, be sure to tag ‘em with #IGpostcards!


  1. Right now, your first 5 Postagrams are shipped FREE (limited time offer)
  2. They are printed on thick, glossy photo postcards at 300dpi resolution
  3. They can be delivered anywhere in the US for 99c & $1.99 for addresses in other countries (price includes postage)
  4. You have the choice to include an optional 180 character message
  5. The photo can pop out of the postcard as a 3×3 inch photo print
  6. Select a photo from your Photo Album, Instagram, Facebook or take a shot with the app
  7. Sending your postcard will take you less than 2 minutes. The screenshot below shows my selected image and the text that I am including on this particular postcard. You are allowed 180 characters which are just enough to give a little information and love to the recipient.


This screenshot shows my postcard to Sarah all ready to send! I took this local photo of Virginia Beach. The preview shows exactly how my image will appear. You can also see in the left-hand corner that I selected a “profile image” that goes on all of my postcards. Think of it as your personal stamp.

Entering your payment information is easy, too. Once your order is complete, you will immediately get an email from Sincerely Inc. with your order information. You can also track your orders and add email addresses to their website. Since I was sending this one across the pond (internationally), the total was $1.99 instead of $.99.

Did I already mention just how easy it is to use this app? I am so in love with it! To give you an idea of how fast this works, here are the details of my order to the Grandparents.
Created and Ordered my Postagram on a Thursday
Postcard arrived in Florida the following Monday
Grandparents were thrilled! See Nana below….

Here are the details of my order that I created for Sarah.
Created on a Sunday in the United States
She received the order all the way in the United Kingdom on Friday…yes, only 5 days later!
Sarah’s response to me when she received the postcard was, “The photo looks great quality and I love the way I can pop out the photo to keep as a little square and it is designed so that your message is still on the back!!”
Check out the image that she posted to her tag #IGPostcards

Get Started

To get you started, the generous folks at Postagram have created a special offer for 40 lucky readers!
The first 40 readers who access and redeem this link, will be granted 10 Sincerely credits per user, which is good for 1 Postagram outside of the US, or 2 Postagrams to the US.
Maybe you will send me a Postagram? Here is my unique URL, so you can easily add me to your contact list!

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