Planes, TRAINS, and Automobiles {The Heartbeat of a City}


Planes, trains, and automobiles….we have it all here in Norfolk! We have each watched the various military aircraft flying overhead, and if you are like me, you get chills listening to the Sound of Freedom. We have also sat in the parking lot otherwise known as I-64 in a line of automobiles and trucks, wondering why people can’t figure out how to get through a tunnel or over a bridge without causing an accident.

And then there are the trains carrying containers full of all types of cargo. If you are local to Norfolk, you have been stopped all too often at a busy intersection waiting for the train to pass. And true to Murphy’s Law, this usually happens when I’m rushing the boys to a soccer game or late to an appointment. It’s often a long enough wait that I’ve taken that time to check in at the #traintracks on Foursquare. Sometimes, the trains can be annoying, but the other night I found it to be the opposite.
I was on my way to meet some girlfriends for a fabulous dinner at Pasha Mezze. The train tracks roll right by there on 22nd Street. Walking through the parking lot, I could hear the horn blowing loud and clear. It was like hearing the heartbeat of the city. It actually sounded kinda calming. It had a rhythm, it had a familiarity. I stopped at the chain link fence to get a better peek and snapped this shot.

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