Just the Way You Are {Morning Fog}


With a plethora of mobile photography apps at my fingertips, it’s easy to always want to “improve” or manipulate a photograph. I find that I sometimes get caught up in editing. The following photo of the morning fog brought me back to the basics. The basics of doing, well, simply nothing. This isn’t a regular occurrence. I at least crop my image! However, there are times, when you look at an image and love it just the way it is…
I was standing on the docks at the Norfolk Yacht & Country Club and it was a really foggy morning. I was looking out to The Hermitage and watching the fog lift. It was warm, calm, and misty.

When I uploaded this photo to my Instagram page, I decided to add the Earlybird filter. It’s such a classic and I liked that it kept the simple essence of the photo.

As much as I love to dip into the honey pot of editing apps, this one one of those times that I said, “I like you just the way you are.”

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