Friday Night Faves {2012}


Starting off 2012 with a bang! I love these highlights from the #fridaynightfaves gallery and I know you will, too.

@mmjordao_gf @jannonpics @kbucklandphoto @rasdub
The top left photo is from @mmjordao_gf who has a photostream on Instagram that won’t disappoint. I love how Miriam played with the sun’s rays to capture this delightful sunset photo. She has an eclectic photo stream that keeps you interested each day.
The top right photo is from @jannonpics, someone I have been following on Instagram for quite some time now. Jan’s photostream is one that keeps you coming back for more….wondering each day what she will post next. Be sure to pop in for a peek; I’m certain you will stay a for a while.
The bottom left is a beautiful landscape brought to us by @kbucklandphoto. His photostream is full of beautiful shots from Ecuador and the Galapagos. Another great part of his photostream is his {perspective} shots on architecture.
The bottom right is brought to you by @rasdub. Dave has a wonderful Winter Branch Series as highlighted above. I recently started following him on a suggestion from another IGer. Love when that happens. Glad that I took the suggestion.
Thanks for posting in the #fridaynightfaves gallery! It’s a beautiful part of Instagram!

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