Friday Night Faves {Style}


The photos in the #fridaynightfaves gallery just keep getting better and better. Each week seems to top the one before it. I’m beginning to discover that I not only love finding new followers, but I also love seeing the weekly posts from Igers that have been tagging their best for some time now. It’s interesting to see their individuality and style come across in their photography.

@ryocor @80s_girl @claylo @edocon
This week, the highlights belong to @rycor, @80s_girl, @claylo, and @edocon. Three of these Rogers I have been following for quite some time, and one is new to my gallery. Ryocor hails from Japan and has a beautiful photostream of trees and flowers. Tracy {80s_girl} hails from Canada and will blow you away with her artistic talent and editing style. I’ve been a big fan of Tracy and she never disappoints. Clay is from northern California and has the best {toy} photography combined with humor that I have found on Instagram. I love how he integrates current events with his photography style. My newbie is Conny who hails from Sweden. His photostream is one that I am looking forward to getting to know a lot better as he has drawn me in with images from far away!
Continue posting every Friday to the #fridaynightfaves gallery and be sure to check out the featured highlights above! Each has their own {style} that I’m sure you will enjoy.

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